01 September 2014

Nicole Seah Quits Politics; Works in Thailand

From the Straits Times, Singapore

Opposition figure Nicole Seah quits National Solidarity Party, says 'job is done for now'

PUBLISHED ON AUG 29, 2014 3:10 PM
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Opposition figure Nicole Seah has resigned from the National Solidarity Party (NSP), a decision which she said was "extremely difficult and painful to make". -- PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Opposition figure Nicole Seah has resigned from the National Solidarity Party (NSP), a decision which she said was "extremely difficult and painful to make".
"There was nothing which might have happened to trigger this departure," she said in an e-mailed statement on Friday, adding that she started out in politics as a fresh graduate wanting to make a difference through raising political awareness and interest among youth.
"It's reached a point where I feel that my job is done (for now) and I have to move on and grow in other areas, before I can continue to give back to the communities I choose to place myself in," she said.
Ms Seah was part of the NSP team that contested in Marine Parade GRC in the 2011 General Election. She became the party's second assistant secretary-general last year.
The 28-year-old moved to Thailand in March to work at advertising firm IPG Mediabrands' Bangkok office.
She promised that this is "not a complete departure from politics, as I continue to keep tabs on what is happening back home" and added: "I will just need to find a more suitable platform to contribute and give back."
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Chronicle of a Death Foretold: Andrea De Cruz

Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz, the Singaporean celebrity couple, who are best known for Pierre's donation of a portion of his liver to save her life in 2002, are now bravely facing the prospect of Andrea's dying in less than a decade.

From the New Paper
Monday, Apr 28, 2014
The New Paper
By Jocelyn Lee, Judith Tan
SINGAPORE - Even at 39 years old, local personality Andrea De Cruz has not stopped thinking about being a mother - and the fact that she may have only eight years left to live.

De Cruz, who has been married to local actor Pierre Png, 40, for 11 years, is unable to have her own children as she is on anti-rejection medication after a liver transplant in 2002.
The couple made headlines back then, when De Cruz suffered liver failure after taking slimming pills Slim 10 and Png, her then-fiancé, donated part of his liver to her.
The celebrity couple were guests at a Lux event to unveil its new collection earlier this month, where they talked about what keeps their relationship alive and renewing their wedding vows in church last year.
Speaking to The New Paper at an interview afterwards, the lovebirds appeared at ease and were candid about their marriage and even about a topic as morbid as her life expectancy.
De Cruz said: "Statistics show that my body might reject the liver after 20 years. It's been 12 years now, so we have eight more years to go. What if the statistics are true? What if I lose my liver eight years later? Do I want to have a kid and let Pierre raise him or her on his own after that?
"That's a big concern for us."

The couple have thought about adopting since 2010, but have shelved their plans due to time commitment and health reasons.
"We are very realistic and practical about it. We won't say, 'Let's not think about this issue' because there is a possibility that something might happen eight years later. So for now, our fur kids will do," said Png, referring to their three dogs.
- See more at: http://yourhealth.asiaone.com/content/andrea-de-cruz-maybe-only-having-8-years-left-live#sthash.GiIXulKc.dpuf

25 August 2014

Beauty of the Month: May Pakdee

May Pakdee, Thai model, actress, and TV presenter, is based in Tokyo, Japan.  Although the picture above has been airbrushed for perfection, May is simply BEAUTIFUL and ELEGANT.  She and Chinese model Huang Xiaoming would make a perfect couple.

21 August 2014

so sad...

"i am afraid the happiest days of my life were in the past."  bian-lian huang

16 August 2014

Happy Youth Olympics Games in Nanjing, China

Another epic song for the YOG, which started today in Nanjing, China.

I swear the international Olympics movement is so broke that they are foisting the burden of hosting all these games on China and Asia!