10 April 2015

China's Ning Zetao Keeps Them Drooling

Step aside, Korean soap stars.  China's gold medal swimmer, Ning Zetao, is getting just as much attention outside the pool as inside. His good looks, fantastic smile, and swimmer's build have left girls (and guys) across East Asia swooning.  One of his largest fan bases is Korea, where girls follow him about on and off the Internet.

Many have called him the perfect specimen of Asian manhood.

He's also poised and articulate in front of camera.

28 March 2015

Xiao Pingguo (Little Apple): China's Response to "Gangnam Style"

So Summer 2012 saw social media drive up Psy's "Gangnam Style" to number 1 on YouTube.  In 2014, Chopsticks Brothers (a Mainland Chinese band) experienced a similar phenom with their catchy single "Xiao Pingguo" (Little Apple).

Below is the Korean take on "Xiao Pingguo."  The girl group is called T-ARA.  Classic K-pop style with the sleek, stylized dancing.  There're so many things wrong with K-pop.  But somehow it does catch and retain our attention.  Maybe it's the girls' mesmerizing beauty...

24 March 2015

asians are too cute!

Her name is Joyce Chu, a Chinese-Malaysian. Just so cute!  She has since become an Internet sensation in Malaysia and Singapore.